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Rhythm and Steady Beat
        Rhythm refers to the duration of notes in relation to each other and are indicated with specific notation. A steady beat is the internal pulse on which rhythms are based.  Students are expected to be able to interpret basic rhythmic notation without teacher assistance by the end of the third grade year. Students demonstrate steady beat by playing solos and in groups in Strings.  A student’s demonstration of correct rhythm reading and a steady pulse can sometimes be affected by inadequate preparation for class. Steady beat refers to a constant pulse felt in music.

4 = Exceeds the standard = Student independently plays all rhythms correctly with a steady beat.
3 = Meets the standard = Student plays most rhythms correctly, and with a steady beat when accompanied by teacher.
2 = Approaching the standard = Student plays some rhythms correctly and sometimes performs with steady beat when accompanied by teacher.
1 = Needs improvement = Student rarely plays with accurate rhythms or steady beat.