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Conduct, Attitude & Effort
        Strings class members are expected to demonstrate readiness to learn and contribute to a positive learning environment. Student growth in Strings largely depends on how students approach their learning opportunities.  Students who enthusiastically try new things, take on challenges and take risks by playing solos in class (even if they make a mistake!) stand to gain a lot from Strings class.  Musicians can also demonstrate their love of music and willingness to learn by offering encouragement to all of their classmates and demonstrating respect to other students, teachers, administrators, parents and audience members.

4 = Exceeds the standard = Student always makes a positive contribution to class and is a role model to other students.
3 = Meets the standard = Student often makes positive contributions to class.
2 = Approaching the standard = Student is sometimes disruptive or distracted.
1 = Needs improvement = Student is often distracting to him/herself or other people.