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Westford Public Schools Weather
Student Performance

We celebrate the many accomplishments of our students.  The School Committee and our school leaders do not believe any single metric captures the whole picture of student success in the Westford Public Schools and so present a mix of publicly available measures using different methodologies.  The combination of our student academic, athletic, artistic and social success gives a picture of a thriving school system.

We also recognize that the most important single factor in student success is teaching excellence in the classroom.  Our students, parents and community members share their thanks to teachers who have helped to shape their lives.

Academics: National and Regional Rankings - A number of publications produce school ranking lists based on different methodologies.

Boston Magazine
In the 2014 Boston Magazine Ranking we were ranked #9 in the state based on a number of criteria highlighted in the link, including graduation rate, standardized test scores, and number of AP classes, clubs and sports.  (We were ranked #8 in 2013.)  More >>>>>>

US News Magazine
The 2014 US News rankings place us at #42 in Massachusetts using a more limited set of criteria including teacher/student ratio, percentage of students taking AP classes and English and Math proficiency. More>>>>>

Newsweek Ranking
The 2013 Newsweek rankings listed us #5 in Massachusetts using many of the same criteria, but does not appear to include all of the competitive high schools in our region.
In summary we are rated in the top 5-10% of high schools in Massachusetts, and Massachusetts consistently has one of the highest performing public school systems in the United States.  More>>>>

Westford Schools has very strong performance in standardized testing.  
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education reports our performance against a group of schools that are determined as comparable based on grades span, total enrollment and special populations.  The MCAS scores below are for all grades.  All MCAS data can be found at:   DESE School Profiles  

Standardized test scores often show how well our students perform.  We use other measures to evaluate how well our students are progressing, or how fast our test scores are improving as students move through our schools.  

One measure we use is SGP.  SGP stands for Standard Growth Percentile which indicates how much studentsí scores improved relative to other students, with comparable MCAS scores in the Commonwealth.  

Westford students performed very well and also improved their scores more rapidly than other students, which speaks to the skills and commitment of our excellent teaching staff.


In Math, our students improved their scores more than comparably scoring students statewide, and achieved higher and higher levels of proficiency as they moved through our schools, culminating in 97% proficiency at Westford Academy.

The bubble graph can be generated from the DESE website and shows student population by bubble size, percent proficient on the y axis; and our median student growth percentile on the x-axis.

In English Language Arts, our students improved scores more than comparably scoring students statewide, and achieved higher and higher levels of proficiency as they moved through our schools, culminating in 99% proficiency at Westford Academy.

Westford in aggregate had both very high performance and very high student growth.  Our students were scoring high and improving faster than peers with similar scores.  This is a great credit to our teachers.

For ELA our aggregate score was 89 and our student growth profile was 61 - our students improved faster than 60% of students state-wide with similar scores.  For math our aggregate score was 87 and student growth profile was also 61%.
This compares favorably with other academically competitive schools - Corcord-Carlisle, Acton-Boxborough and Belmont High Schools all performed at this same level.