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Nabnasset Street List
bus9.jpgNabnasset Elementary School

Below is a breakdown of the streets for children attending the Nabnasset School.. It is listed by streets which require a fee and by streets which do not require a fee. If you do not see your street, please call our office 978-692-5560 x 2100 or email us.  All students who are riding the bus must register for a Bus Pass

Address Fee-Based
Address Fee-Based
Address Fee-Based
Address Fee-Based
Almeria Circle
Barn Lane
Beaver Dam Road
Beech Road
Betty Road
Birch Road
Blue Ridge Road
Bobolink Road
Boxwood Road
Brookside Road
Brookview Drive
Burbeck Way
Burnham Pond Road
Byrne Ave
Calista Terrace
Caoliine Road
4-88 Chamberlain Road
Chestnut Rd
Chesapeake Dr
Clare Circle
1-39 Cold Spring Road
Coolidge Ave
Cranberry Drive
Crest Drive
Cross Road
Cummings Road
Dean Drive
Deer Run
21-122 Depot Street
Doris Road

Edwards Ave
Elm Rd
Emerson Road
Endmoor Road
Erins Way
Fir Rd
3-26 Fletcher Rd
Fletcher Lane
Forrest Rd
Frances Hill Rd
Garret Drive
Gasset Rd
George Ave
Gifford Dr
Graceful Way
Granada Dr
Grey Fox Lane
Grove Street
Hawthorne Ave
Hemlock Rd
Heywood Rd
Hunt Road
Island Path
Jelley Road
Jo Jo Lane
Jonas Rd
Knoll Road
Lake Shore Dr North
Lake Shore Dr South
Lambert Way
Lawson Rd
Lillian Road
Links Road
Lowell Road
Lower Road
Lucille Ave
Lucinda Place
139-186 Main St
Maple Road
Marie Anne Drive
Meadowview Lane
Moore Rd
Moore Ave
Morning Glory Circle
Mountain View Lane
Muriel Drive
Myrtle Ave
Nabnasset Street
Newport Drive
Nutting Rd
Oak Hill Road
Old Wood Road
3-11 Pierce Ave
Pine Tree Trail
Plain Road
Polley Road
Pollyanna Rd
Poplar Road
Riley Road
Salem Rd
Sherwood Drive
Sinbad Lane
Spruce Rd
Stony Brook Rd
Stratton Hill Road
Strawberry Lane
Swanson Lane
Swedes Crossing
Sweetwood Crossing
Tavern Circle
Timberlee Lane
Torrington Lane
Tower Road
Trails End Rd
Villanova Drive
Williams Ave
Wilshire Ave
Wilson Lane
Woodbine Terrace
York Ave

Address No Fee
Address No Fee
Address No Fee
Address No Fee
Aldrich Lane
Baldwin Road
Bartlett Road
Birchwood Dr
Bixby Lane
Blakes Hill Road
Blueberry Lane
Boston Road
Bradley Lane
Buckboard Drive
Canter Circle
Carriage Way
Castle Road
80-98 Chamberlain Rd
Chippawa Road
Cobbler Road
40-87 Cold Spring Road
Connell Drive
Cortland Road

Court Rd
Crown Rd
Crusade Rd
Dana Drive
3-20 Depot St
Douglas Road
Downig Place
Dove Lane
Drawbridge Rd
Drew Crossing
Easy Street
Fairview Dr
27-30 Fletcher Road
Garrett Dr
Graniteville Rd
Haywagon Circle
Hearthstone Rd
Hildreth Street
Hyacinth Drive

Kings Pine Road
Kirsi Circle
Joyce Circle
Lawton Ave
Ledgewood Dr
Leland Road
Line Road
Lynwood Lane
Macintosh Road
1-138 Main Street
200 Main Street
Orion Way
Paddock Lane
Palace Road
Patriot Lane
12-32 Pierce Ave

Pine Hill Road
Porter Road
Priscilla Lane
37-112 Providence Road
Randolph Circle
Rome Drive
Rooks Way
Sawmill Drive
Stonebolt Way
Sunny Meadow Lane
Tadmuck Road
Tadmuck Lane
Talus Way
Ward Hill Road
Wheeler Road
Woodridge Lane
Woolsack Drive
Wright Lane