8th Grade Math Placement

8th Grade Math Placement


The Westford Public School offers two math courses to 8th graders, 8th Grade Math and Algebra 1. Criteria for placement into Algerba 1 is both quantitative and qualitative.  

For more information on the criteria used from one grade level to the next, click on any of the links below:

Characteristics of Successful Accelerated/Honors Math Students

  • Students have the ability to grasp new concepts at a rigorous pace without intervention.
  • Students complete assessments in a timely manner utilizing the most efficient strategies.
  • Students utilize a variety of strategies to solve problems.
  • Students are able to apply skills and concepts to new and non-routine situations.
  • Students are independent and self motivated learners.
  • Students make transitions easily and maintain focus on learning experiences without prompting.
  • Students are actively engaged in classroom activities and discussions.
  • Students complete homework independently and thoroughly in an appropriate amount of time.
  • Students are receptive to constructive feedback.
  • Students make efficient and effective use of class time.
  • Students independently seek clarification when necessary.
  • Students maintain recommended grade pre-requisite (high school).

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Kristina Bold

6-12 Mathematics Coordinator