Digital Learning Supports Student Learning

At Westford Public Schools we are aiming for student-centered experiences for our students using a number of personalized learning instructional , amongst others, Project Based Learning and Guided Math. Across the District, we use the SAMR Model to ensure that our technology integration is of consistently high-quality. 

According to the Alliance for Excellence in Education, a student-centered instructional strategy is focused on the needs, abilities, and learning styles of individual students. It is personalized, engaging, and rigorous. While student-centered instruction does not require digital learning, it is frequently enhanced by it, and digital learning expands the opportunities and options for teachers and students. Teachers use more formative data from student assessments to inform their instruction and tailor the learning to the needs and abilities of their students.

While meeting high standards, students take a more active role in and have more ownership of their learning. Students should develop content and collaborate with others to build and share knowledge, and they need opportunities to engage in meaningful and appropriate learning experiences and to apply what they learn. 

Learning experiences in which students are held accountable for directing and developing their own products and self-direction and motivation. Students need to be able to understand and apply feedback to their work, plan the steps that are necessary to accomplish their goals and work independently when appropriate. 

Source: Alliance for Excellence in Education 
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