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For Help with an Application:

Educational software
Curriculum integration
Technology Request Form - please use this for all new technology purchases.

Contact your school's Digital Learning Specialist. (see "Digital Learning")


Contact your Digital Learning Specialist or Technician for your login information

Visit our FirstClass page.
Contact your school's Digital Learning Specialist. (see "Digital Learning")
Call (978) 692-5560 ext. 113
OR contact eSped tech support at (800) 365-0114.
K-5 Report Cards
Contact JoEllen Baird 


Parent Portal Information


Use the iParent option via "Parent Portal Information" in our webform
Visit our TestWiz page.
Contact JoEllen Baird 


WPS Website Assistance


Use this link to access online resources and website-related instructions.  Employees only, login required.

To Report a Hardware or Network Problem:

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Thank you for your request details.  Please complete to the reCAPTHCA prompt and then use the "Submit" button below.  For more technology information, see our Educational Technology page.