Digital Learning

Our Digital Learning Plan focuses on student learning and transforming pedagogical strategies. It is not a traditional Technology Plan, which generally emphasizes hardware, needs. Digital Learning is “any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience.” (Alliance for Excellent Education)
The Purpose
The purpose of this Digital Learning Plan is to provide a roadmap with specific goals and actions to move our district from where we are now through the transition to a mobile digital learning environment. It is a detailed three-year plan with an outline for another two years, which makes a combined total of five years. It is not possible to plan in detail for the next five years, as technology changes so quickly. Additionally, we intend to regularly assess and monitor the success of the three-year plan and make appropriate adjustments. In turn, this will impact our plans for years four and five.
This plan is designed to prepare educators and administrators for the mindset shift to student-centered learning required by a mobile digital learning environment. The pilot programs are intended to answer the questions about what pedagogical strategies combined with which devices, supported by what types of professional development will best enhance learning in Westford Public Schools.