Early Registration


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Westford Public Schools, Westford, MA
Is your child entering kindergarten next year?
Is your child currently attending private kindergarten with the intention
of transferring to Westford Public Schools for grade 1?
If so, please attend EARLY REGISTRATION at the
Miller, Nabnasset, and Robinson Schools
Monday evening, March 5, 2018 from 6 to 8 PM or Tuesday morning, March 6, 2018 from
9 to 12 Noon
The kindergarten registration process will take approximately 30 minutes. Please be prepared by bringing the required documentation mentioned below. You will be asked to complete additional forms and will meet with the school nurse and other staff members to review the registration packet. If you are interested in the Extended Day Program, a check is required to secure your application.
Westford Public Schools will have three (3) tuition-based full day Kindergarten classrooms at each neighborhood school, in addition to the District’s (no cost) half-day kindergarten classes. This full day option is a result of high parent demand and we are pleased to offer families this choice.
In accordance with Massachusetts Board of Education regulations, each child must attend school beginning in September of the calendar year in which he/she attains the age of six (6). Each child is required to attend school until reaching the age of sixteen (16).
The following is the entrance age policy (P5101) revised by the School Committee on November 10, 2008:
Kindergarten - A child who is five (5) years of age, on or before September 1st, is eligible to enter kindergarten. The superintendent will not waive the age requirement for kindergarten entrance. Parents and legal guardians retain the right to request that their child be assessed for entrance into first grade in the following year.
Grade 1 -  A child who is six (6) years of age on or before September 1st is eligible to enter first grade. If space permits, the superintendent may waive the age requirement for entering first grade. Parents/guardians seeking an exception to the age requirement must:
  • Notify the building principal in writing.
  • Agree to bear any costs associated with this request, including the administration of the Westford Public Schools grade readiness assessment process.
  • Provide the school with any requested school records.
The following documentation is required in order to enroll. Please bring the following with you when you come to register:
1. Birth certificate
2. Before a student is enrolled in the WPS, a parent/guardian must provide proof of residency, which requires a minimum of three (3) proofs of residency. Please refer to our Residency Requirements for detailed information at here.
3. Proof of medical examination, immunization, lead test and vision screening. Required immunizations: 5 DTap/DTP/DT/Td, 4 Polio, 2 Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) 3 Hepatitis B, and 2 Varicella (chicken pox) unless exempted for medical or religious reasons. Additional information can be found on our Health Services page.
If applicable, the following information will also be required:
4. Current Individual Education Plan (for Special Education students)
5. Proof of guardianship
6. Court records of custody and visitation rights
The Massachusetts Department of Education requires the individual screening of kindergarten children for the determination of special needs assistance. To comply with this regulation, all enrolled kindergarten children will be screened in May 2018. Plans for this process will be shared with you at a later date in an announcement from the school principal.