School Committee

The School Committee is the elected body that establishes goals and policies for the public schools of Westford, appoints the Superintendent, and approves the school budget.
Our Goal
Our goal is to maintain and increase student success and overall excellence in Westford Public Schools. We must preserve the high level of quality, service and achievement as well as look for opportunities to improve. The goal of this web page is to share facts that are inputs to our planning process and budget development. The Westford School Budget is a significant investment of tax dollars and we both want to be transparent in our decision-making and want you to have the same background we have in advocating educational investment choices.
Members of the public may contact all of the members of the School Committee by sending an email to Please note that emails to and from the Committee are part of the public record. Whenever possible, the Chair will respond on behalf of the Committee.

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School Committee Members  



Kathryn Clear, Secretary 
Marisol Garcia (as of May 4, 2022) 
Sean Kelly 
Gloria Miller 
Chris Sanders, Chair 
Valery Young, Vice Chair


Mingquan Zheng