Bus Registration for School Year 2018-2019

A bus pass is required for all students riding the bus.

NEW:  The Westford School Committee approved new bus fees for fee-based riders.  The fees are $275 per rider / family cap of $750 for School Year 2018-2019.

ALL students riding the bus must be registered for a bus pass online here BEFORE August 1, 2018.
Payment must be made by August 1st.    If the pass is purchased after August 1st, the delivery of the pass to you may be delayed.

  • Financial Hardship -No student will be denied transportation because of qualified financial hardship. To qualify, an approved application for Free/Reduced Lunch must be obtained from the Food Services Office located at 23 Depot Street. You must apply each school year.

All bus passes regardless of fee or no fee will be mailed home beginning the week of August 13th, after verification of your address and payment.

Payments made by credit card will be processed by MKPay.  You will see MKPay on your credit card statement.