Mandated Screenings

School Health Services staff conduct vision & hearing and height & weight screenings annually:
Vision ñ grades K-5
Hearing ñ grades K-3
Height/Weight ñ grades 1 and 4
Body Mass Index (BMI) grades 1 and 4
Postural screening is conducted annually for all students in grade 5.
Parents/legal guardians will be notified of screening results by letter or telephone only if the student failed a screening examination or requires further care from their health care provider. Findings of these referrals for follow-up should be returned to school to update a child's health record.
In collaboration with the Westford Board of Health, dental screenings are offered in school for students with parental permission. Free dental screenings are offered to kindergarten, grades one, three and five. For grades two and four dental screenings, cleanings and fluoride treatments are offered for a small fee. Permission slips are sent home to all eligible students.