If a student needs to take medicine in school:
  • According to WPS Policy 5503, the school nurse is the only person allowed to administer medication to students in the Westford Public Schools. For field trips/short term events, the school nurse may delegate the administration of medication to unlicensed personnel.
  • If medication is to be given at school, it must be in the pharmacy bottle with the prescription label attached.
  • The parent/legal guardian must complete the Medication Administration Orders and Consent Form (available on the WPS website or at the school nurseís office.) Alternately, the parent/legal guardian may send written authorization to the nurse which contains: the parent/legal guardianís printed name, signature and emergency phone number; list of medications the student is currently receiving; approval to have the school nurse administer the medication and names of persons to be notified in case of a medication emergency.
  • The licensed prescriber must complete the Medication Administration Orders and Consent Form (available on the WPS website or at the school nurseís office) or send to the school nurse a medication order which contains: the studentís name; name and signature of the licensed prescriber including telephone number; name of medication; the route and dosage of medication; the frequency and time of medication administration; date of the order and discontinuation date; diagnosis and other medical condition (s) and specific directions for administration. If appropriate, please have the licensed prescriber also provide the following information: any special side effects, contraindication and/or adverse reactions to be observed; any other medications being taken by the student and the date of the next scheduled visit to the physician, if known.
  • Medications are kept in the Nurses Clinic.
  • A Medication Administration Plan should be developed with the nurse, including plans for class trips.
  • If your child takes regular medication outside of school, it is suggested you contact the school nurse.
  • If your child has an allergy requiring an EpiPen, please contact the nurse to develop an Emergency Health Care Plan.
  • Please telephone or meet with the nurse regarding special medication situations: a studentís self-administration of medications; short-term medications; over the counter medications and investigational new drugs.
  • Parents/legal guardians should retrieve medications at the end of the school year or they will be properly disposed.