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Grade 3

Anderson, JodyWelcome to Room 108
Cajolet, AndreaWelcome to Room 112
Gonsalves, Lisa      Welcome to Room 106
Rebilas, Sarah 
Perkins, AmyWelcome to Room 111

Grade 4

Name     Position
Braga, Krista   Welcome to Room 210
Fligg, JasonWelcome to Room 212
Gibson, JamesWelcome to Room 211
Jussaume, Kristine  
Keefe, NicoleWelcome to Room 113
Poirier, BethanyWelcome to Room 115

Grade 5

Carguiolo, GinaWelcome to Room 205
Hummer, LaurieWelcome to Room 208
Muskavitch, BrendaWelcome to Room 207

Olson, Gayle

Welcome to Room 119
Viscione, JulianaWelcome to Room 206
Whittlesey, Roger Welcome to Room 118


Perron, PamWelcome to Mrs. Perron's Room
Lampros, KristinWelcome to Mrs. Lampros's Room
Hayes, Patricia                         Welcome to Mrs. Hayes' Blog
Claycomb, ErinWelcome to Mrs. Room
McGann, KiraWelcome to the Library
Gately, PatriciaWPS Elementary Band