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Administration and Office Staff

Name                                            Position
Sardella, Chris Louis           Principal
Sturgis, HilaryAssistant Principal
Sawyer, ElizabethAdministrative Assistant
DiNitto, NanciFinancial Administrative Assistant


Name                       Position
Sampson, Trish      Guidance Counselor

Cafeteria Staff

Name                Position
Barbosa, Kelly      Cafeteria Manager
Auger, TriciaCafeteria
Curtis, PaulineCafeteria
Carlson, MargaretCafeteria

Custodial Staff

DeMelo, Jose    Head Custodian
Lannon, DavidCustodian
Olson, PeteCustodian

Grade 3

Name                  Position               
Anderson, JodyGrade 3 Teacher
Cajolet, AndreaGrade 3 Teacher
Gonsalves, LisaGrade 3 Teacher
Perkins, AmyGrade 3 Teacher
Rebilas, SarahGrade 3 Teacher

Grade 4

Braga, KristaGrade 4 Teacher
Fligg, JasonGrade 4 Teacher
Gibson, JamesGrade 4 Teacher
Keefe, NicoleGrade 4 Teacher
Jussaume, KristineGrade 4 Teacher
Poirier, BethanyGrade 4 Teacher

Grade 5

Cargiuolo, GinaGrade 5 Teacher
Hummer, LaurieGrade 5 Teacher
Muskavitch, BrendaGrade 5 Teacher
Olson, GayleGrade 5 Teacher
Viscione, JulianaGrade 5 Teacher
Whittlesey, RogerGrade 5 Teacher


Carpenter, Cheryl           Nurse                             

Principal Aides



Arena, LoriPrincipal Aide
Callaghan, MollyPrincipal Aide
Costa, KristaPrincipal Aide
Frade, Renata

Principal Aide

Jilesen, KoholiPrincipal Aide
Kundalkar, AaditiPrincipal Aide     
Scott, TerriPrincipal Aide
Sharma, SoniaPrincipal Aide
Verma, MadhuPrincipal Aide
Vidoli, MichellePrincipal Aide


Name                             Position 
Patenaude, MaureenArt Teacher
Perron, PamArt Teacher
Jenison, AmeliaMusic Teacher
Lampros, KristinMusic Teacher
Gately, Trish

Band Instructor

Hamelin, ToddStrings Teacher
Claycomb, ErinPE/Wellness Teacher
McGann, KiraLibrary Media Specialist
Trantanella, ValerieLibrary Assistant

Teaching Support Staff

Name                           Position
Hayes, PattiELL Teacher
Bates, AlisonLiteracy Specialist
Fox, KathleenReading Interventionist
Gray, PatriciaReading Interventionist
Williamson, KristinReading Interventionist
Hansen, MeredithMath Interventionist
MacDonald, KathleenMath Interventionist
Masse, MarjorieMath Interventionist

Student Support Services

Borger-Green, JuliaStudent Support Teacher
Creighton, AshleyStudent Support Teacher
Gardner, AndreaStudent Support Teacher
Millett, AmyStudent Support Teacher
Brady, JeanOccupational Therapist
Klecak, CindiSpeech / Language
Mozeika, JuliaSchool Psychologist
Agneta, MaryTeacher Assistant
Bransfield, JoanTeacher Assistant
Collins, AmyTeacher Assistant
Donovan-Burns, KristinTeacher Assistant
Greene, JuliaTeacher Assistant
Mantineo, KatieTeacher Assistant
Nolan, DianeTeacher Assistant
Ruiz, MagaliTeacher Assistant