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2020 Yearbooks

Hello All,

By now, you should have received your purchased copy of the Stony Brook yearbook (shipped to your home), if you... more ››

Before the Parade...update! SB 6-16-2020

Today’s Wave Parade was simply amazing!  For over an hour, there was a full line of cars wrapped around the school making their way around... more ››

Archived Access to Gr8 Celebration

Well, clearly the Gr8 Theater students and Ms. Watson did a better job premiering their Westford in Tune video.  If you.

2020 Stony Brook Gr8 Celebration

Tomorrow morning, our 2020 Gr8 Virtual Celebration will be premiering live on YouTube at 9:00 am.  You can access the link now to begin the... more ››

Watch Parties...update! SB 6-12-2020

I am still inclined to watch parties at this time rather than join them...of course that sounds creepy as I read it outloud, but made me... more ››

???...update!SB 6-5-2020

I have been struggling for a few days with a clever title for this week’s update.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to rally a witty thought to... more ››

Psithurism...update! SB 5-29-2020

When my daughter was very young, we would sit together on our front porch and listen to the wind blow through the trees on our property.  I... more ››

Smiling Eyes...update!SB 5-22-2020

It was amazing to see all of the smiling eyes stream into the building last week as students visited us to access their lockers.  Ok, their... more ››

2020 Incoming Student Information & Presentation

Hello Future Stony Brook Families! While I wish it were possible to meet everyone in person and welcome you to Stony Brook face to face,... more ››

May Flies...update! SB 5-15-2020

Bugs are not an aspect of nature that I have ever really enjoyed.  In contrast, our dog’s favorite activity has become sitting on my lap... more ››

SB Student Locker Access Information


Big Premiere...update!SB 5-8-2020

The excitement in the air is tangible.  While the performances aren’t live, the butterflies are real and the viewing can certainly be... more ››

Westford in Tune- Watch Party!!

The highly anticipated talent show will premiere on YouTube this Friday, May 8th at 7:30pm for anyone who wants to watch "live". The video... more ››

May Day...update! SB 5-1-2020

Typically, the first day of May is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate spring and look forward to new beginnings.  If we were returning to... more ››

SB Gr 6 Students and Families - World Language Selection

World Language Selection: Grade 6 Students and Families, please submit your language preferences for next year (2020-2021). Click... more ››

Missing you...update! SB 4-27-2020

Thinking about this update just kept bringing the John Waite song to my head.  I thought how funny it would be to throw the link to his... more ››

Of Mice and Men...update! SB 4-17-2020

  “The best laid schemes o' mice an' men   Gang aft a-gley.” 

Lemonade...update! SB 4-10-2020

Disappointment is indeed a very difficult thing to navigate.  If you haven’t yet seen this video created by a disappointed adventurer named... more ››

#SGN...update!SB 4-3-2020

We definitely need good news and I was happy to see actor John Krazinski use his platform to create the #SGN Network to share Some Good... more ››

Fuel in the Tank...update! SB 3-27-2020

I shared the following video greeting with our staff earlier today and I wanted to send the same message to all of our students and... more ››