Classroom Pages

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Those staff names that are blue are linked to individual teacher webpages. Any that are still black are pages that teachers are still working on and will be uploaded soon. Please check back later.

Classroom Teacher Webpage

Michelle Srebnick
Tori Thompson
Pre First Grade
Jackie Cuniffe
First Grade
Lauren Brady
Daniella David
Deb Rosenthal
Jean Veseskis
Second Grade
Alicia Gauthier
Cate Lacroix

Other Staff Webpages

Beth MacKinnon, School Counselor
Melissa Reynolds, School Counselor
School Health Clinic
Sara Creegan, School Nurse
Keith Weston, Wellness Teacher
Jennifer Tietze, Music Teacher
Valerie Loughman, Librarian
Jane Anderson, Occupational Therapist
Patti Hayes, English Language Learners