School Advisory Council


The Nabnasset School Advisory Council, also known as SAC, is a state-mandated and elected body representing parents and staff. The Nabnasset School Advisory Council, views itself, in relation to the School Committee, as the appropriate vehicle for communicating the concerns and opinions of the Nabnasset community.
The School Advisory Council generally meets from 4:00 to 5:30 PM in the Nabnasset conference room. All are welcomed to attend. An open forum will provided at the beginning of the meetings.


Susan DuBoisPrincipal
Carolyn JerzyloAssistant Principal
Michelle SrebnickStaff
Keith WestonStaff
Lauren WhiteheadStaff
Julie MurrellParent
Dana RiegertParent
Kelley SilvaParent
Valery YoungParent
Nancy BoutetCommunity Member