Watch Parties...update! SB 6-12-2020

I am still inclined to watch parties at this time rather than join them...of course that sounds creepy as I read it outloud, but made me laugh too much to delete it...I really just mean I have discovered my inner introvert during this pandemic and do not yet miss attending large gatherings.  


But here at Stony Brook, we are getting pretty good at the Watch Party sensation.  While they may not place on the Nielsen Ratings and we haven’t quite figured out the best way to produce an official after viewing show like all the epic TV franchises, we are managing to gather students and families to watch things together even though we can’t enjoy them in person.  Gr6 held their End of Year Slideshow Watch Party today via their google classrooms.  Gr7 was able to watch our ridiculous antics as we attempted to model at home olympics examples in preparation for their final Gr7 Olympics.  Gr8 will be tuning in together to enjoy their Gr8 Slideshow on Monday and Tuesday we will be premiering our Gr8 Celebration Broadcast.  We were originally planning to attempt to produce a live Zoom type broadcast, but with all of the various wave parades taking place at all of our WPS schools on Tuesday and the many families still working to balance work and school demands on their own household infrastructure, we have decided to edit together a recorded awards presentation that students and families can all watch together at 9:00 on Tuesday morning or access the link to enjoy it at a more convenient time over and over and over again.  We will be sending the link to all of the Gr8 families on Monday in preparation for the premiere Tuesday morning.


On Tuesday, our last day of this very strange year, we are organizing a way for families interested in participating to be able to drive around the back of the school so students and teachers can wave goodbye from a distance just as we typically wave off all of the busses after the last dismissal each year.  The staggered parade will hopefully keep the traffic down and allow families to drive by and wave during their specific grade level window. Gr6 families are invited to drive by sometime during the 10:00-10:20 window, followed by Gr7 families during the 10:20-10:40 window, allowing our Gr8 families the final waves from 10:40-11:00.  The driveway right in front of the school will be closed so to direct the traffic around the back of the school.  That will maximize the space for our teachers to physically distance themselves as well as allow a much longer train of traffic before encountering a stop sign. Clearly, the assigned window times are suggested as there is no way for us to control who drives down this public street and when.  If your suggested time conflicts with another family members grade level window for one of the elementary parades, have no fear. Teachers from all grade levels will be there for the whole time cheering all of the students off for the summer.  It feels foolish to say to a bunch of licensed drivers, but please remember to keep your speed down and pay close attention to the traffic in front of you.  It would be unbelievably embarrassing for a middle school student to have to sit and wait with parents for the police to arrive at the school parking lot to address a traffic accident with the rest of the community slowly driving by and starring...hopefully, planting that little seed will help everyone keep their wits about themselves.  Our goal is for this to remain a drive-by wave parade and not an opportunity for anyone to need stop or visit ;-)


As mentioned last week, it is time to share information about our WPS summer reading program.  Students entering grades 6, 7, and 8 need to select and read at least one book from their grade level list, then be prepared to complete an assignment on that book when school resumes in the fall.  Students entering grade 9 will find their list and expectations on the WA Summer Reading website.


Finally, our very own Mrs. Andjus, Gr6 Curiosity, is the WA Varsity Girls’ Soccer Coach.  She reached out to ask that I share the following information for any of our Gr8 students interested in playing in the Girls’ Soccer program at WA.  Students can join the Google Classroom using the code: ovux75h.  Additionally, students or parents can reach out to her with any questions at [email protected]


Enjoy this last weekend,




Dr. Christopher Chew


Stony Brook School