Alternative Education Program

The Alternative Education Program at Westford Academy has been in place for approximately twenty years and currently serves over thirty students. The primary focus of the program is to ensure student success, through differentiated instruction in the least restrictive environment possible. The program is centered on meeting each individual student's needs. Every element of the Alternative Education Program, from the intake process to the tailored instruction, is geared to each of our students.

The Alternative Education program supports students who have demonstrated difficulty in maximizing his or her full potential in a traditional classroom setting. Students enrolled in the Alternative Education Program are taught to the same academic standards established for all students attending Westford Academy. It is a program that provides students an alternative route to academic success. Students who may benefit from the Alternative Education Program are those who have demonstrated patterned absenteeism, tardiness, and social or emotional health concerns.

Each student seeking to enroll goes through a referral process initiated by their guidance counselor, or their respective Dean. Any questions about the Alternative Education Program can be sent to Dean Robert Ware by email or Social Worker Tracey Murphy by email.

Staff Contacts

Phil Archambault

Michael Martell

Tracey Murphy