Opiod Law

2016 Substance Abuse (Opioid) Emergency Law

Health and safety of our students at Westford Academy and in the Town of Westford is a top priority. At this point in time, use of drugs and alcohol as well other substances is an epidemic which needs our attention as educators, coaches, parents, and peers.

It is of great importance to work together in sharing information and knowledge of the dangers of drugs, alcohol, opioids and other substances. Below is a link to the Massachusetts Public Health Resource page for parents which has information and links to information to help us communicate, address and deal with this epidemic. There is also a second link for information pertaining specifically to perscription and over the counter drugs. Additionally, concerns parents may have regarding drug,alcohol, opioid or substance abuse can be communicated to a school official to help in identifying resources and personnel who can assist in the ensuring the safety and health of a student.