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The counseling staff at Westford Academy works to help students develop an educational program that matches their self-characteristics, to gain competencies needed to plan for post-high school decisions, and to develop effective human relationship skills that enhance participation in their roles as student, worker, family member, and community member.

Counselors are available throughout the school day. Emergency situations or urgent concerns will receive immediate attention. Students are encouraged to seek assistance when needed. Counselors provide group information sessions throughout the year for all students.

The secretaries, staff and administration are resources for students with questions and concerns. They respond carefully and willingly to student inquiries and needs. Throughout the curriculum, opportunities for the development of educational, career, and personal/social competencies are provided.

Guidance 19/20

Staff Contacts


Leah Birnkrant

School Counselor

Ext. 7409

Brian Doherty

School Counselor

Ext. 7412

Karen Halloran

School Counselor

Ext. 7414

Heidi Hider

School Counselor

Ext. 7410

Jill Karatkewicz

School Counselor

Ext. 7422

Patti Lonergan

Social Worker

Ext. 7495

Susan Lynch

School Counselor

Ext. 7420

Tracy McLaughlin

School Counselor

Ext. 7439

Micaela Violette

Social Worker

Ext. 7496

Wendy Pechacek6 - 12 Coordinator, School Counseling Svcs.

Ext. 7419

Lynda Vernalia

Administrative Assistant / WA registrar

Ext. 7407