Archives of Westford Academy

As of 2014 a major change was made in the storage of Westford Academy's historical records dating back to 1792. Trustees went "digital" replacing several file cabinets of documents and microfiche with digital storage.

Under the guidance of William Cody, president, Archive Chair Geoffrey Hall and Westford Museum Director Penny LaCroix, records were transported to Morgan Management in Nashua NH where they were carefully and properly handled, photocopied and digitized. All records are now available on the Internet. The Librarian at WA can assist anyone interested in viewing the records which date back to 1792.

In the 1990's, trustee generated archives from 1792-1892 were put onto microfiche by the OMNYSIS Corporation (by Lloyd Blanchard, Barbara Parkhurst and Alfred C. Wyman, Chairman Records were indexed and filed into appropriate categories. The second sequence 1882-1992 with the uniformity of print made formulating the records easier, but we still appreciate the efforts of the people involved to maintain our historical beginnings.

Reels of microfilm are in the Westford Museum safe which includes pictures and memorabilia. Reels include many informational topics involving land grants, biographies, deeds, receipts by decades as well as many records and dates of interest are located at the Westford Museum.