Help Us Increase Our Funds

Help Increase the WA Trustee's Fund

What will your legacy be?

What could give you a better feeling than to financially help a young deserving student attain their future goals.

You can help continue this truly unique "Trustee Scholarship" aspect of WA.

The Trustee's support students by providing annual scholarships for deserving students, named gift awards established by families and an annual gift to WA. The expansion of our support rests directly on the shoulders of supporters like you. We are at a crossroads either to expand our gifts and scholarships or to maintain our current status.

Last year, after careful consideration, a change in the scholarship awards was made. Documented financial need of students is now required reducing the number of applicants significantly. The Trustees are now assisting the students in need.

In 2005, four $4,500 scholarships were given along with the usual named scholarships and a gift to WA. The WA Guidance Department screened student applications and assisted in selecting the final recipients. Students who received scholarships have written sincere letters of their gratitude. (See: Scholarship Recipients Letters) We need your financial support in order to increase our scholarships to its Students. We also hope to increase our gift for special projects submitted by the principal that will enhance the Academy's educational efforts.

We can assure you that our monies go to assist Westford Academy and its students directly. We employ no outside professional fundraisers. The Trustees control the expenditure of funds received and do so with the best interests of Westford Academy and its students.

Make a difference and help Westford Academy continue to provide the best for its hard-working and deserving students. Send your check for any amount today to the Trustees of Westford Academy and show your support.

Thank you in advance for investing in the future of Westford Academy. We will be proud to have you on our supporting team!