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Special Education at Westford Academy

Special Education services at Westford Academy consist of various supports and resources that serve students with with disabilities. These services include inclusion, pull-out and sub-separate academic settings.  Within these service settings students receive academic, social/emotional, speech, reading, pre-vocational, occupational therapy or physical therapy supports.  Students are scheduled into Special Education classes according to their needs, as determined through the 766 team meeting process and IDEA-2004 guidelines.

The Special Education teachers and staff who work in these settings service individual students according to their educational plans. They function as academic coaches for those students who need help with homework and study skills, as teachers of basic skills for those students who need reinforcement and support in those skill areas previously taught but not yet mastered, and as counselors for those students needing emotional, as well as educational support or they provide direct services for identified areas of need.

If you have specific questions about the Student Support Services department or the services we provide to the students of Westford Academy, please contact Andrew Duquette, Student Support Leader, Westford Academy at 978-692-5570 ext:2141 or via email: [email protected]

Staff Contacts

Lorraine Burns 
Chris Carpenter 
Maureen Casey (TA) 
Lisa Cobb 
Molly Dellechiaic (Counselor) 
Cheryl Denaro (TA) 
John DiGennaro 
Al Duffett 
Andrew Duquette (CC) 
Roni Elliott 
Curtis Gekle 
Joel GrayWebsite

Kelli Ann Harrigan

Lynn Jones (TA) 
Kim Keenan 
Madolyn Kendall 
Jackie Moran 
Julie Oakman 

Mark O'Connor

Maryellen Pancotti (TA) 
Bruce Rich 
Courtney Richards (SLPA) 
Laurie Rybicki 
Jill Sidelinger (TA) 
William Saunders 
Julie Zahareas