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We believe that a strong connection between home and school leads to greater success in the classroom. To this end, below you will find a "Contact" email link and, in the staff tables, faculty website links when available. Please remember that when contacting staff via email, allow 48 hours for a response. After that time, you may follow-up with a phone call to the office:  (978) 392-4483

Please use the following webform to submit online comments or questions to a member of the Crisafulli Elementary School:

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Sharon KennellyAdministrationPrincipal

"Online Office"

Scott MiddlemissAdministrationAssistant Principal"Online Office"

Main Office

Amy DulongMain OfficeAdministrative Assistant - Principal 
Sarah FoxMain OfficeNurse 
Sara LeefMain OfficeGuidanceWebsite
Laurel WalkerMain OfficeAdministrative Assistant - Financial 

Grade 3

Olivia Antonelli3rd Grade Interim 
Samantha Daehling / Kelly DeVellis3rd GradeWebsite
Tracy Maher3rd Grade 
Beth Rutman3rd Grade 
Meghan Walsh3rd Grade 

Grade 4

Briana Baker4th GradeWebsite
Lisa Boyle4th GradeWebsite
Melissa Donegan4th GradeWebsite
Lenore Kost4th GradeWebsite
Amy Noonan4th GradeWebsite
Lauren Roche4th GradeWebsite

Grade 5

Monique Cassidy5th GradeWebsite
Tracy Ford5th GradeWebsite
Christine Maus5th Grade


Sara Miller5th GradeWebsite
Jane Moores5th GradeWebsite
Cara Parker5th Grade


Student Support Services

Jennifer HutchinsonStudent Support ServicesSSS Team Chair 
Marcia BirdStudent Support ServicesGrade 4 
TBDStudent Support ServicesSpeech & Language Pathologist 
Raymond CrossmanStudent Support ServicesGrade 5Website
Julia MozeikaStudent Support ServicesSchool Psychologist 
Heather NewmanStudent Support ServicesGrade 3  
Coleen NobleStudent Support ServicesOccupational Therapist 
Wendy PerryStudent Support ServicesGrade 5 
Abby VerreStudent Support ServicesABA 

Student Support Services Teaching Assistants

Heather BiglerStudent Support Services Teaching Assistants
Andrea BreenStudent Support Services Teaching Assistants
Shika JainStudent Support Services Teaching Assistants
Lisa LavalleeStudent Support Services Teaching Assistants
Karen PrescottStudent Support Services Teaching Assistants
Jane WoitowiczStudent Support Services Teaching Assistants

REACH Program

Jennifer McNamaraREACH ProgramStudent Support Services REACH Teacher
Mary TroianoREACH ProgramStudent Support Services REACH Teaching Assistant
Carolyn FrenchREACH ProgramStudent Support Services REACH Teaching Assistant
Andrea MotylREACH ProgramStudent Support Services REACH Teaching Assistant
Tara MulgrewREACH ProgramStudent Support Services REACH Teaching Assistant
Patricia SaccoREACH ProgramStudent Support Services REACH Teaching Assistant
Kelly TaysREACH ProgramStudent Support Services REACH Teaching Assistant


Susan CarrSpecialistsLibrarianWebsite
Tatiana CotterSpecialistsLibrary Assisant 
Diana MandileSpecialistsPhysical Education/Wellness 
Patricia GatelySpecialistsBandWebsite
Todd HamelinSpecialistsStrings- Grade 3 
Regina CranfordSpecialistsMusic- Grade 5 
Laurie OliverSpecialistsMusicWebsite
Maureen PatenaudeSpecialistsArt (.6) 
Melissa QuattrocchiSpecialistsArtGoogle Classroom
Susan Turcotte-GavrielSpecialistsStrings- Grades 4 & 5Website

Intervention Specialists

Katelyn AndreopoulosIntervention SpecialistsLiteracy Specialist 
Katie DowdallIntervention SpecialistsReading Interventionist 
Katrina GasparIntervention SpecialistsReading Interventionist 
Jill SpinosaIntervention SpecialistsReading Interventionist 
Katie MangiarattiIntervention SpecialistsMath Interventionist 
Kristen MarekIntervention SpecialistsMath Interventionist 
Kristen ThomasIntervention SpecialistsMath Interventionist 
Michelle SantosIntervention SpecialistsELL Teacher 

Principal Aides

Erin BoylenPrincipal Aide
Barbie GoodhuePrincipal Aide
Tabitha KotaryPrincipal Aide
Lynn LamburnPrincipal Aide
Riley PatenaudePrincipal Aide
Gianna SaccoPrincipal Aide
Dinesh ShanthakumarPrincipal Aide

Cafeteria Staff / Custodial Staff

Tricia BlaszackCafeteria Staff
Maggie CarlsonCafeteria Staff - Manager
Rick BennettHead Custodian
Jimmy GerostergiosNight Custodian