At the Robinson School, "We're Better Together!"
At the Robinson School, "We're Better Together!"

 All children can learn, achieve, and be successful.  Our common goal is to provide a challenging and enriching education for every child.  The school is a safe, caring, and cooperative place for all students, teachers, and parents. 

At Robinson School we show our “SPIRIT
 I will keep myself and others free from harm or danger. I will....
  • exhibit self-control by using an appropriate level voice 
  • have a calm body
  • use gentle hands and feet
  • walke throughout the building
  • follow directions quickly
I will not give up even if something is difficult or long. I will.... 
  • show dedication and the ability to stick with a task or challenge, despite difficulties or obstacles
  • exhibit determination and courage when working towards a goal
  • not give up
I will do the right thing, even when no one is watching. I will.... 
  • be honest, fair, and sincere
  • exhibit strong moral principles, take responsibility, and stand up for others
  • distinguish right from wrong, and be strong enough to do the right thing
I will treat others the way I would want to be treated. I will.... 
  • care about the feelings of others
  • treat them with care, kindness, and courtesy
  • see the value in all people, my school, my community, the environment, and most importantly, myself 


I will include and take into account others and their needs.  I will....

  • be friendly and invite others to play or join a group
  • accept others for who they are 
  • respect the uniqueness of others, and get along with people that might not be the same as me


I will work with others in a positive manner for a common purpose.  I will....

  • take turns when working with others
  • actively participate and share ideas with my partner or group
  • listen to and consider the ideas of others