Contributions and Special Projects

Special Projects / Gift Awards to WA

In addition to the named scholarships and financial scholarships, the Trustees all award monies to Westford Academy based on the principal's selection of special projects to benefit the school. These awards are diverse in character and are selected based on a unique need which is unlikely to be funded through normal budgetary procedures.

The WA Trustees hope you consider a tax deductible contribution to help us continue to reward students with financial need. Be proud that you have assisted worthy students in their educational goals. The impact of your donation will directly benefit a student of WA no matter how much you donate.

Recent Awards

Recent Trustees Financial Support of Westford Academy:

  • $100,000 donated to the turf field effort.
  • $20,000 annual gift to WA for principal recommended items.
  • Named scholarships which once established are supported by the Trustees in perpetuity. $500/ year in most instances.
  • Annual scholarships, determined by our portfolio earnings, awarded to deserving students who demonstrate financial need.

Notable Gifts from Trustees to WA in Recent Years:

  • The Music Lab - Pianos and computers - used everyday.
  • The Bridge Program - "Completely invaluable" saved so many young students while saving some families significant expenses.
  • The Turf Field Contribution - Would not have been done without Trustee financial support.
  • The Musical Instruments for the Marching Band - We are now 110 strong. "If you build it, they will come!" The Trustees helped to build it!
  • The Photo Printer - Community is built on a "welcoming feeling" have NO idea how many people comment on student picture being on the wall. Your donation allows us to keep us current with new photos monthly. (It's not about the printer...its about the image and the positive vibes that come from the picture!)
  • Pottery Wheels - Again - supporting the arts.

In 2005, Virtual High School (VHS)

Virtual High School is a collaborative of over 200 national and international high schools. Participation in the VHS cooperative is an innovative program offered to schools. The collaborative includes schools from 29 states and 26 countries, averaging over 6,000 student enrollments per year. the advantages of VHS are to expand course offerings to its student population, with over 180 courses available. VHS courses will be listed on their transcripts, but not in students Grade Point Average. Teachers monitor students, attendance is provided and students work on-line each day. The flexibility of VHS is one of its main components. In return for an annual membership fee, WA will receive 25 student seats each semester. To date, students are thoroughly enjoying the system.

In 2004, Automated Computerized Call System

An automated computerized calling system costing $7,000 that has enabled the administration to do the following:

  • Quick Call Message - Enables the school to quickly notify parents of report card distribution, school trips, immunization, parent nights and other pertinent information.
  • Student Absence Reporter - Automates the process of calling households to notify parents of a students absence.
  • Power Survey - Enables school to survey the community
  • Voice Mailbox - Helps with communication between parents and teachers.

Past Years Awards

  • Library Book Security System - Security gateways in/out of the WA Library has saved thousands of dollars.
  • Career Guidance Position - A stipend given to assist in the position to help students in their quest for career information. Trips to local businesses, guests from the business world and literature to help students were included.
  • John Deere Gator - A four wheeled utility vehicle used to bring athletic equipment and supplies to the various fields and also used to safely transport injured players from the field.
  • Math Department Calculators - Texas Instrument calculators for math students to enhance their mathematics instruction.
  • Multimedia Computer Equipment - Sophisticated multimedia computers used to do visual presentations.