Fee-Based Activities

Information on fee-based activities in 2022-2023 is presented below. All checks are payable to the Westford Public Schools, unless noted. Some fees may be paid online at MySchoolBucks.com.

  • Athletic Fee / High School - Students at Westford Academy will pay a fee of $325 per student for most sports with the exception of crew, swim and golf for fall which can incur further costs. These will be collected at the school at the beginning of the sports season.
  • Athletic Fee / Middle School - Students in grades 6-8 will pay a fee of $275 per student per sport. These will be collected at the school at the beginning of each sports season.
  • Student Activity Fee - High school and middle school students who want to participate in a co-curricular activity after school must pay an annual student activity fee. This activity fee will cover all activities.  The fee is $80 for middle school and $100 for high school.
  • Parking Fee - Seniors (and juniors as space is available) at Westford Academy will pay $200 for a high school parking space. Parking passes will be available at the Academy during the first week of school. This will be collected at Westford Academy.  
  • Transportation Fee - Information on the Transportation Fee (Bus Fee) and obtaining a Bus Pass can be found on our Transportation page.
  • School Lunch - For information on purchasing school lunch, see our Food Service page.
  • Instrumental Fee - Students in grades 3-5 who are in the band or who take strings lessons are required to pay a $290 fee for the year.