Administrative Offices

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Superintendent of Schools
Everett V. Olsen
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent of Schools
Nina Mangan
Director of Digital Learning
Julie Baudreau
Director of Student Information
JoEllen Baird
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction
Kerry Clery
Admin Assistant for Curriculum & Instruction
Sandra Abramo
Curriculum Coordinator Humanities 3-5Amanda Lapham
Curriculum Coordinator Humanities K-2
Jennifer Traverso
Curriculum Coordinator STEM 3-5
Mary O'Gorman
Curriculum Coordinator STEM K-2
Julie Kelly
Curriculum Coordinator Visual and Performing Arts K-12
Andrea Mejia
Director of Pupil Services
Courtney Moran
Admin Assistant to Director of Pupil Services
Jan Walsh
Admin Assistant to Director of Pupil Services
Zoë Daniel
Student Support Leader 9-12
Andrew Duquette
Student Support Leader 6-8
Kelly Diette
Student Support Leader 3-5
Jennifer Hutchinson
Student Support Leader K-2Heather Newman
Student Support Leader, Early Childhood
Nichole Cailler
Out-of-District LiaisonAshley Kopley
Director of School Finance
Ingrid Nilsson
Assistant Director of School Finance
Ann Marie DaSilva-Nembirkow
Admin Assistant to Director of School Finance
Nancy Hill
Accounts Payable Specialist
Payroll Specialist
Daryl Shackleton
Payroll Specialist
Nichole Denahey
Human Resources Coordinator
Jennifer Burk
Admin Assistant to Human Resources Coordinator
Betsy Hall
Director of FacilitiesPaul Fox
Admin Assistant to Director of FacilitiesJacqueline Studley
Food Service Director
Colleen Wallace
Admin Assistant to Food Service Director
Kathy Thompson
Admin Assistant to Food Service Director
Tracey Razzaboni
Transportation ManagerJennifer Piper