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Athletics - Westford Academy

Mr. Jeff BunyonDirector of Athletics

(978) 692-5570 ext. 2108

Mrs. Betsy Parke

Admin. Assistant

(978) 692-5570 ext. 2121

Mr. Bill Bombaci


(978) 692-5570 ext. 2133

Business Office

Ingrid Nilsson

Director of School Finance

(978) 692-5560 ext. 2106

Nancy Hill

Admin Assistant to Director of School Finance

(978) 692-5560 ext. 2100

Ann Marie DaSilva-Nembirkow

Assistant Director of School Finance

(978) 692-5560 ext. 2101

Accounts Payable/Student Registration

(978) 692-5560 ext. 2107

Nichole DenaheyPayroll

(978) 692-5560 ext. 2117

Daryl Shackleton


(978) 692-5560 ext. 2120

Paul FoxDirector of Facilities(978) 692-5560 ext. 2435
Jacqueline StudleyAdmin Assistant to Director of Facilities(978) 692-5560 ext. 2438
Jennifer PiperTransportation Manager(978) 692-5560 ext. 2119

Curriculum & Instruction


Kerry Clery, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

(978)-692-5560 x2104

Sandra Abramo

Administrative Assistant  

(978) 692-5560 x2104

Digital Learning

Westford Public Schools
Julie Baudreau, Director of Digital Learning
(978)-692-5560 x2141
Westford Academy
Stephanie Gosselin, Marianne Butterline
Blanchard Middle School
Ken Bogacz
Stony Brook School
Peri Schultz

Food Services

Colleen WallaceDirector of Food Services(978)-692-5560 x2110

Kathy Thompson

Admin Assistant to Food Services Director

(978)-692-5560 x2110

Tracey RazzaboniAdmin Assistant to Food Services Director(978)-692-5560 x2110

Human Resources


Jennifer Burk

Human Resources Coordinator

(978) 692-5560 x2108

Betsy Hall

Administrative Assistant

(978) 692-5560 x2138

Office of Pupil Services

Team Member
Courtney Moran
Director of Pupil Services
(978)-692-5560 x2111
Zoë Daniel
Administrative Assistant
(978)-692-5560 x2111
Jan Walsh
Administrative Assistant
(978)-692-5560 x2113
Nichole Cailler
Student Support Leader (Early Childhood)
(978)-692-5560 x2132
Heather Newman
Student Support Leader (K-2)
(978)-692-5560 x2799
Jennifer Hutchinson
Student Support Leader (3-5)
(978)-692-5560 x2132
Kelly Diette
Student Support Leader (6-8)
(978)-692-2708 x5103
Andrew Duquette
Student Support Leader (9-12)
(978)-692-5570 x2141
Ashley Kopley
Out-of-District Liaison
(978)-692-5560 x2114

Superintendent of Schools


Everett V. Olsen, Jr.           

Superintendent of Schools

(978)-692-5560 x2102

Nina Mangan

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

(978) 692-5560 x2102

WPS School Committee

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Avery Adam[email protected]
Megan Eckroth[email protected]
Sean Kelly[email protected]
Alicia Mallon[email protected]
Gloria Miller[email protected]
Chris Sanders[email protected]
Mingquan Zheng[email protected]