Employee Self Serve

Westford's Employee Self Service System is available at https://selfservice.westfordma.gov/mss.  The default user name (unless you have been informed otherwise) if first initial+last name+last 4 of your ssn (ex. jsmith6789).  The default password is the last 4 of your ssn (you will be prompted to change your password at the time of your first login).  If you have previously set your password, but do not remember what it is, please try the password reminder feature (you will need to have 1 failed attempt for this feature to appear).

What Is ESS?

ESS is a portal that give you access to information about your employment.  Within ESS, you can do the following:

  • Verify Personal Information
  • Mailing address (view only) - Changes need to be requested in writing to the HR Department
  • View Employee Profile - includes information such as your Date of Hire
  • Pay / Tax Info
  • Check Stubs - View the information on your past check stubs
  • W-2 - View W-2 information from previous years
  • W-4 - View what your current deductions are set to
  • Paycheck Simulator - See how changes in your deductions will effect your net pay.  (Note: please do not change the Marital Status in this utility as it may produce inconsistent results)

Time Off

  • You can view how much time you have accrued and/or used.
  • You can also view your accruals history in list and calendar form