Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Map
1. What is Open Enrollment?
Open Enrollment provides parents or legal guardians with the opportunity to request enrollment of  their children in an elementary or middle school outside their resident school district when, in their opinion, such a move would best meet the needs of the individual child.
2. Is Open Enrollment available to students in grades K-8?
Yes. Open Enrollment consideration is available at the elementary and middle school levels.
3. Is approval granted to all Open Enrollment requests?
Unfortunately, we cannot approve all Open Enrollment requests. Approval is granted only when space is available in the respective grade level in the school being requested. If all Open Enrollment requests were approved there could be an imbalance in class sizes to the extent that some classes substantially exceed the School Committeeís K-5 class size guideline of 22:1, and the middle school class size guideline of 25:1.
4. At the elementary (K-5) levels, if I apply for Open Enrollment to a school, am I applying for enrollment only in that school, or in the K-5 district?
An Open Enrollment request is made to a specific school, not a school district. Therefore, upon a school-level change, it will be necessary to reapply for Open Enrollment.  Example: If an Open Enrolled student attending the Robinson School (resides in the Nabnasset/Abbot district) wishes to attend the Crisafulli School for grade 3, the parent would need to reapply. Otherwise, the student would automatically be transferred to their districted school (Abbot) when moving to grade three.  In this case, an application would have to be made at the end of Grade 2 to Open Enroll the child from the Crisafulli School (the child's attendance district by reason of residence) to the Abbot School.
5. I am currently living in Westford. If I purchase another home in Westford that is in a different school district, can my child remain in the school which he/she has been attending?
The Superintendent may approve an Open Enrollment request to allow the child to remain in the school that he/she has been attending since the beginning of the school year if class size is within the policy guidelines. A parent must request this in writing to the Superintendent of Schools via his Administrative Assistant.
6. Can all classes in a school accept Open Enrolled students?
No. Only those classes with fewer than 22 pupils at the elementary level, and classes with fewer than 25 at the middle school level, will be eligible to receive Open Enrollment transfers.
7. Are Open Enrollment applications considered in the order in which they are received?  
Yes. Open Enrollment applications are considered in the order in which they are distributed. Each application is numbered.  Open Enrollment requests are considered on a “first come” basis.
8. How do I apply for Open Enrollment?
Application for out-of-district enrollment must be made in person at the Office of the Superintendent of Schools, 23 Depot Street.  Applications will be given out to parents or legal guardians in the order of their arrival.  The Open Enrollment period runs from May 1 to June 30 between 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM weekdays. No request will be considered after June 30.  No applications for Open Enrollment will be mailed.
9. If my child is Open Enrolled in another school, do I need to submit an application each year for him/her to remain in that school?
No.  A child who has been Open Enrolled to another school will remain in that school, unless the parent or legal guardian formally requests a return to the child's school district, by reason of residence.
10. If I wish to discontinue Open Enrollment of my child at a school, what do I need to do?
If you wish to discontinue your child's Open Enrollment at a school you must notify the Superintendent of Schools, in writing, between May 1st and the end of the school year.
11. When will I be notified of either acceptance or denial of my Open Enrollment application?
Notification of acceptance or denial cannot be made until the second week in August. This coincides with the school registration period for new students. We must first analyze our K-8 class sizes based on new registrants, prior to determining our ability to approve Open Enrollment requests.
12. How does Open Enrollment affect special education students?  
For the most part, Open Enrollment does not affect students with special education needs, as our neighborhood schools are able to provide a wide range of services for students. However, in the event that a student is recommended for a district-wide program, which is only located in one building and/or a school has limited handicap accessibility, both the Principal and Director of Pupil Services should be made aware of the intent to seek Open Enrollment.  It must be understood that the potential transfer shall not result in the receiving school's obligation to provide additional staff, services, and or building modifications to accommodate the Open Enrollment student.  
13. Is transportation available for students who are Open Enrolled?
No. Generally, bus routes do not cross over district lines. The transportation of an Open Enrolled student is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. Parents must be willing to make this commitment for the duration of the Open Enrollment status.
14. Who do I contact with specific questions about Open Enrollment?
You may email the Superintendent's Administrative Assistant, Nina, via email, or call 978-692-5560 x2102.