School Committee Policies

The WPS School Committee reviews current governing policies for relevancy, amends existing policies as needed, and approves new policies. Administrators create regulations necessary to carry out the policies.

Public Comment

Public comment is encouraged on all policies, especially those under current review. To suggest policy revisions or creation, contact a School Committee member or access our Public Comment page.

General Search

To perform a general search of all WPS and Town documents, go to the Town's General Document Search page.

WPS policies are grouped into the seven areas listed below. To download a policy, click on its title. These documents are in PDF format and can be viewed and printed using the free Acrobat Reader software.

Policies - Index

Policy Area
Numeric Series

Policies - Community Relations

Community Relations (1000)
P1402 Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services 

Policies - Administration

Administration (2000)
P2305 School Improvement Plans
P2401 Systems Operational Plan

Policies - Fiscal Management

Fiscal Management (3000)
P3701 School Comm Responsibilities for Transportation

Policies - Personnel

Personnel (4000)

Policies - Students

Students (5000)

Policies - Instruction

Instruction (6000)
P6204 Summer School

Policies - School Committee

School Committee (7000)
P7201 Powers and Duties 
P7202 Legal Status 
P7203 Operational Goals of the School Committee 
P7204 Code of Ethics 
P7205 Member Authority 
P7206 Legal Counsel 
P7207 Emergency Communications 
P7208 Evaluation of School Committee Operations 
P7209 Special Committees and Advisory Committees