Accomplishments - 2018


Class of 2018

Valedictorian:     Danielle Sawka

Salutatorian:       Anthony Zhy

Most Worthy Representatives

2017     Mara Burke, Mark Dunne

2018     Katherine Arnold, Thomas Burke  

2019     Ariella Fleishcher, Benjamin Lawrence 

2020     Emily Blagg, Luke Dillon 


Westford Academy was ranked 4th in the Niche 2018 Best School Districts in Boston Metro.

2018 National Merit & Achievement Programs

Finalists:  10

Semi-finalists:  10

Commended:  45

National Hispanic Program:  3


2017 AP Performance

In May 2017, 530 students took 702 AP exams in 17 subjects. 

98% earned scores of 3 or better.


AP National Scholars:  6 

AP Scholars with Distinction:  62

AP Scholars with Honors:  29

AP Scholars:  52 



Congratulations to our WA DECA students who gave impressive performances on January 10th at their District Competition yesterday at UML. Awards breakdown: 10 schools competed at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Top 7 places in each event were given awards.WA students participated in 27 different role-play events.7 x 27 = 189 total awards to be won in these events. WA students won 122 of those 189 awards (65%).We left 67 awards for the other 9 schools.Here's our 20 1st-Place Winners (individuals and teams): Alex Mondro and, Vishwa Nathan, and Anthony Zhu, Annika Sriram, Adithya Vellal, Hope Post and Shefali Tamaskar, Manisha Rampasad, Renee Owen and Izzie Redman, Garath Owens, Olivia Gallo and Taylor Pacifico, Krish Sharma, Aalok Sanghavi, Stephen Townsend and Andrew Dickey and Vishal Raghunath, Julia Whelan and Matt Whelan, Emily Sawosik, Sam Dillon, Shreyas Mosurkal, Emily Morin, Jarod Tenney and Haley Kersley and Hannah Roder, Alvin Wang and Tom Welham.

Digital Learning

On October 26, 2018 Stephanie Gosselin, Digital Learning Specialist, was presented with the MassCUE's Pathfinder Award at Gilette Stadium. The award is presented anually presented to a Massachusetts Educator or leader whose efforts have enhanced the field of educational technology. This person's efforts have gone "above and beyond" in providing inspiration to other educators.


Please help me congratulate the following students for their awards at the Journalism Education Association's national convention this past weekend. They were competing against hundreds of students from the best journalism programs across the country: Anthony Cammalleri, Excellent Award (2nd place) and Commentary Writing, Garret O'Connor, Superior Award (1st place) and Editorial Writing. Thank you for your continued support of our journalism program here at WA. Ms. Janet Fonden, English & Journalism Teacher, WA Ghostwriter Adviser,

Emily Coates and Kim Hart presented at the NEATE Conference (New England Association of Teachers of English) in October. The title of their workshop was: "Moving Beyond the Two Sided Debate: Using The Case Study Method to Bring Multiple Voices into Difficult Conversations."

Foreign Language


At the beginning of December, 14, WA students from Latin 3, 4, 5, and AP chose to take the National Classical Etymology Exam afterschool. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions about the Latin and Greek roots of English vocabulary words. Their scores were matched against the scores of thousands of students from across the country. 7 WA students scored high enough to earn medals:

Advanced Level: Latin 5: William Smith, Gold; Latin 4: Pranav Ramakrishnan, Gold; Helen Zhou, Silver. Intermediate Level: Latin 3: Jamie Cheng, Gold; Allie Lu, Silver; Shivangi Ranjan, Silver; Meaghan McKenna, Bronze. These students did a fantastic job, and there were a couple more who came within just one or two points of medaling!


National German Examination 2018

Hall of Fame

Westford Academy German students were recently informed of the results of the 2018 National German Examination given to over 26,000 students nationally. This year was another great year for W.A. with a record number of awards:

  • 58 students are eligible for a free trip to Germany
  • 63 students scored at or above 90th percentile
  • 105 students scored at or above the 80th percentile

                  We are very proud!

Students will be honored at the AATG (American Association of Teachers of German) Banquet in the spring, and at the W.A. Foreign Language Awards Night in May.

Students who scored at or above the 90th percentile are eligible for an all-expense paid home-stay/study trip to Germany.

The awarded students are: (these are percentiles, not percentages!)


Gold Medal (10 students): Sean Doherty (99), Erika Luetjen (98), Sophie Wieselquist (97), Stephen Townsend (96), Tim Feehrer (93), Ryan Bowen (92), Sarah McKinley (92), Ian Kim (90), Selena Lin (90), Param Talwalkar (90)

Silver Medal (4 students): Ally McCabe (89), Matt Vlach (86), Sean Riordan (83), Michael Pavkovic (80)


Gold Medal (4 students): Lily Geller (94), Jason Ward (94), Marcos Acosta (93), Eamon Jorgensen (90)

Silver Medal (7 students): Renee Sawka (89), Manning Gallant (88), Patrick Ward (88), Thomas DeLuca (85), Renee Owen (85), Pratyusha Mulpur (82), Eunice Pak (82)


Gold Medal (24 students): Dan Stewart (99), Collin Pickersgill (98), Audrija Sarkar (97), Maia Bolko (96), Elizabeth Engdahl (96), Shannon Fletcher (96), Zachary Roberts (96), Matt Keefer (95), Samantha Musante (95), Michael Pristin (95), Hanna Westerheim (95), Avery Gillett (94), Breila O’Malley (94), Anshu Punreddy (94), Bryce Fan (93), Declan Morse (93), Zoe McCarthy (92), Dan Kogan (91), Jessica Liu (91), Eva Plankey (91), Audrey Sequeira (91), Neha Kotagiri (90), Colin McGinn (90), Sarah Schneller (90)

Silver Medal (12 students): Mukul Gore (88), Rory Sullivan (88), Soumya Vadicharla (87), Max Bombardieri (87), Arnab Kirtania (85), Amelia Cohen (83), Lasya Dutta (81), Riya Machireddy (81), Ryan McAuley (81), Nathan Schmidt (81), Mason Tuomala (81), Siri Westerheim (81)


Gold Medal (25 students): Felicia Quan (99), Suraj Rajiv (99), Taylor Shea (99), Patrick Zheng (99), John Anderson (98), Henry O’Donnell (98), Ivan Sung (98), Meredith Warsen (98), Scotty McCabe (97), Erin Blaszak (97), Laurie Lee (97), Alessio Battezzato (95), Arpit Rao (95), Austin Smith (95), Kaley Bergeron (94), Paul Davis (94), Kyle Owen (94), Emily Strzegowski (93), Luke Walsh (93), Amelia Jengo (92), Justin Ottesen (92), Jennifer Thomas (92), Megan Tierney (92), Ryan Thivaharraja (90), Vamsi Vetsa (90)

Silver Medal (19 students): Chris Thurow (89), Laura Wood (89), Kelsey Halio (87), Madison Leong (87), Sarvad Lothe (87), Aniketh Chilukuri (85), Riya Gunnamreddy (85), Cooper Haines (85), Luke Heitkamp (85), Jillian Klostermann (85), Mohammed Warde (85), Ciara Chan (83), Carson Grace (83), Colleen Hrul (83), Sarah Mathew (83), David Silvia (83), Hailey Sussman (83), Christian Tremblay (83), Kate Trotter (83)

***Congratulations to these outstanding students and their Middle School and High School teachers Lizette Greaves, Colin Ashby, Kristin Gillett, and Tim Welch.

History and Social Sciences

The students in Laine Winokur’s Honors US History II classes did archival research, sifting through census records, newspaper articles, obituaries, and more in order to write biographies of influential women involved in the National American Women's Suffrage Association in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. These WA students were one of only a couple of high schools involved in the project, most of the biography writers are undergraduate and graduate students. These biographies will be published in the "Online Biographical Dictionary of the Woman Suffrage Movement in the United States" at Binghampton University in 2020 to commerate the 100th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment.

Beth McGregor, History Teacher, and Stephanie Gosselin, Digital Learning Specialist presented a workshop at the 2017 MassCUE/M.A.S.S Fall Conference at Gilette stadium on October 26, 2017. Their session entitled "Sparking Learning; Creativity, Collaboration and Critical Thinking with Robots" presented a US History student project that integrated coding and robots to tell the story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Visual and Performing Arts


Congratulations to Westford Academy students for their recognition of Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.  Each student recognized below put forth a tremendous amount of work to receive this prestigious honor.  All Gold Key work will be sent to the National Scholastic office to be judged with other Gold Key work from all over the country for a possible award at the National level. Congratulations students and teachers in the Art and English Departments! Allie Bohenko, Gold Key, Drawing

Tyler Boroshok, Honorable Mention, Digital Art, Antonio Cammalleri, Silver Key, Photography, Caroline Chaffiotte, FOUR Gold Key Awards, 1 Silver Key and 1 Honorable Mention, Photography, Flash Fiction

Justin Friel, Gold Key, Digital Art, Ila Jagannath, Silver Key, Digital Art, Amy Jiang, Honorable Mention, Drawing, John Li, Honorable Mention and SIlver Key, Critical Essay and Drawing, Jason Liang, Silver Key, Journalism, Allison McCabe, Honorable Mention, Digital Art, Sharon Patta, Honorable Mention, Poetry

Gwen Riemer, Honorable Mention, Sculpture, Audrija Sarkar, Honorable Mention, Drawing, Audrey Sequeira, Gold Key, Drawing, Sithara Sonnathi, Silver Key, Painting, Danielle Wilson, Gold Key, Mixed Media, Nicole Wilson, Silver Key, Photography.


In November 2017, 1017 musicians from the Eastern District of MMEA traveled to Milton High School to audition for the Senior Festival, and only 455 were accepted. 39 students from Westford Academy in Band, Chorus and Orchestra were accepted into the prestigious Festival.  Students who have an asterisk next to their name also received an All State recommendation, which means the student scored in the top percentage for their instrument or voice part.  Those students will have an opportunity to audition for the All State Festival in the next several weeks: Amaravadi, Anuraag, Chorus, Andrews, Victoria, Chorus*, Arnold, Fabian, Chorus*, Carr, Brian, Band*, Cheng, Jamie, Orchestra*, Culver, Nora, Orchestra*,  Davis, Richard, Orchestra*, Franklin, Alex, Chorus*, Gaddam, Nikhil, Orchestra, Gu, Joseph, Orchestra, He, Chris, Orchestra, Ji, Christine, Band, Jiang, Sophie, Orchestra, Krzywicki, Lexi, Orchestra, Kumar, Hamsaa, Chorus*, Li, Jocelyn, Band*, Ma, Anthony, Orchestra, Mantenuto, Matthew, Chorus, Mathews, Dylan, Chorus, McCarthy, Zoe, Chorus, Nightingale, Nicole, Chorus*, Ottesen, Justin, Orchestra, Pak, Eunice, Band*, Pu, Grace, Orchestra*, Redmond, Cordelia, Chorus*, Riemer, Caroline, Chorus, Saxena, Anika, Chorus, Shen, Joey, Orchestra*, Smith, Christopher, Band, Song, Claire, Band*, Song, Matthew, Orchestra,

Sung, Ivan, Orchestra, Ulrich, Roland, Band, Wagner, Megan, Chorus, Wang, Caroline, Orchestra, Wang, Celine, Orchestra, Whitney, Devon, Chorus*, Xiao, Michael, Band*, Zhang, Alex, Orchestra*.

Congratulations to the teachers who work with these students every day, George Arsenault, Ken Culver and Karen St. George.

Saturday, January 27th, approximately 1000 students from the Eastern District of Massachusetts Music Educators Association auditioned to participate in the Junior Festival (comprised of Grades 7-9), with only 454 being accepted.  This extremely rigorous audition process involves preparing scales, a solo and sight reading to be adjudicated and scored.  The following Grade 9 students were accepted: Anika Burli, voice, Luke Heitkamp, viola, Alejandro Mejia, voice, Emma Oliver-Minor, voice, Marissa Sacco, voice, Georgia Shen, flute, Torsten Ullrich, clarinet. Congratulations to the students, along with their teachers - Karen St. George, Ken Culver and George Arsenault!

In addition, we had 7 Westford Academy Grade 9 students who auditioned and were accepted to the Festival as well: Anika Burli, Luke Heitkamp, Alejandro Mejia, Emma Oliver-Minor, Marissa Sacco, Georgia Shen, Torsten Ullrich. Congratulations to our WA Music Faculty-George, Karen and Ken!

On January 20, high school musicians from around the state traveled to Shrewsbury High School to audition for the All State Festival.  In order to qualify for the audition, students needed to be accepted to the Senior District Festival for their region, AND be scored in the top percentage for their instrument or voice part.  (This Festival is different from the Junior Festival audition, which just took place last weekend).  The honor of being selected for an All State ensemble is one of the most prestigious recognitions a high school musician can receive. Congratulations to the following Westford Academy students for being selected to the All State Festival: Victoria Andrews, Grade 11, voice (Alto), Fabian Arnold, Grade 9, voice (Tenor),Jamie Cheng, Grade 10, violin, Hamsaa Kumar, Grade 12, voice (Soprano), Grace Pu, Grade 10, violin, Joey Shen, Grade 11, violin, Alex Zhang, Grade 10, violin.

Theater Arts

In Sept 2017, Isabelle Vernalia was invited to join the Merrimack Valley Playwrights of Lowell as both a Junior Playwright and Actor-in-Residence.  She portrayed the role of "OMG" in a short play "Virtual Cookies" for an MVP reading series which was part of the Lowell Art & Maker "Creaticity" Festival on September 17th. Isabel was invited to join the group as a playwright after they work-shopped her play "Let's Be Clear" which was written in her playwriting class at WA.

Westford Academy Theater Arts production of John Kovlenbach's LOVE SONG was named WINNER at the Preliminary Round of the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild State Tournament this weekend.  With this recognition LOVE SONG will now be performed at the State Semi Final Round on Saturday, March 10 (location TBD). In addition to the advancement, eleven WATA Students were recognized with individual nominations to the ALL STAR CAST including: DEVON WHITNEY for Excellence in Acting, DANIEL WILSON for Excellence in Acting, SARAH McKINLEY, DANIEL KELLY, and PETER BROWN for Excellence in Technical Theater: Set Design, ALYSSA RAMOUTAR, HAILEY SUSSMAN, IRENE MCCARTHY, KATELYN WILLIAMS, SADIE GREEN and OLIVIA DUNN for Excellence in Technical Theater: Scenic Painting

WA Guidance Department

In December, the Westford Academy Guidance Department hosted the Career Exploration Breakfast for the entire junior and sophomore classes - 875 students!  This event gives students the opportunity to select two careers of interest and then spend time in a small group with a professional in that field. Speakers share their interests, educational background, and skills that are needed to perform their jobs. The goal of this School to Careers program is to help students connect academic schoolwork to career readiness and awareness beyond Westford Academy. We are grateful for the 54 speakers who spent their valuable time with our students!  Students report that this was an extremely worthwhile experience!